SAREF extension for environment

SAREF extension for environment
María Poveda-Villalón, Raúl García-Castro
This ontology extends the SAREF ontology for the environment domain, specifically for the light pollution domain, including concepts like photometers, light, etc.

SAREF4ENVI has two main aims: on the one hand, to be the basis for enabling the use of SAREF in the environment domain and, on the other hand, to exemplify how to enable interoperability between environmental devices in cooperation.

SAREF4ENVI is an OWL-DL ontology that extends SAREF with 32 classes (24 defined in SAREF4ENVI and 7 reused from the time, SAREF and geo ontologies), 24 object properties (22 defined in SAREF4ENVI and 2 reused from the SAREF and geo ontologies), 13 data type properties (9 defined in SAREF4ENVI and 4 reused from the SAREF ontology), and 24 individuals (9 defined in SAREF4ENVI and 12 reused from the OM ontology). SAREF4ENVI focuses on extending SAREF for photometers to solve the lack of interoperability between sensors that can measure and share information about light pollution. Such extension involves the following use cases:

  • Use case 1: Monitor light pollution in a city, through the data collected by photometers about the magnitude of the light emitted in a given area.
  • Use case 2: Adjust lampposts light intensity due to high pollution, after identifying the most contaminating lampposts and therefore the areas where more energy is being thrown away.
  • Use case 3: Register a photometer, in which a new collection of photometers is incorporated into an existing sensor network.